Looking to get in touch with me?

Usually, this is where you would find links to social-media accounts and maybe an email.

Well, I'm a little weird.

I don't really do the whole social-media thing.

However, I do do email!

But... Just leaving an email address out in the open on the web is kinda a bad idea. I did it on the previous iteration of this blog and received a lot of annoying spam.

So, here's the deal. I'm going to have you jump through a bit of a hoop if you want to contact me.

If you want my email, you're gonna have to give me yours (it's only fair) in the form of Subscribing to this blog.

Don't worry, the Free Tier will do. I just need to have something in place so that my address isn't exposed to the world.

As a thank's for jumping through my hoop, I will respond* with a handwritten email! How does that sound?

Once you have logged into a Free Tier (or higher) account, you will be able to view my email below.