Pay Attention

Pay Attention

When I posted it, I wasn't considering the timing of my recent article on Christian Nationalism . This year, American Independence Day, July 4th, falls on a Sunday.

Pay attention this week to how much your church interacts with this American holiday. Do they treat it like a holy day?

There's nothing wrong with acknowledging a holiday, but church is meant to be a time of corporate worship to God Almighty. The amount of time given to celebrating (worshiping) America will show which gospel your church believes in more.

If your church takes time out of its services to sing praises to this country instead of praising our Creator, there's a problem that needs addressed.

I urge you to pay attention and speak up. Christians and churches aren't likely intending to place the god of their country above Yahweh. But the devil is deceptive, and tradition is easier than being intentional with our worship. This weekend, speak the truth in love and give our Creator 100% of your worship.

God Bless.