Solid Bites: In Christ or the World?

Solid Bites: In Christ or the World?

Solid Bites are little nuggets of truth where I share some good, solid food in a bite sized form for you to chew on!

I'll provide a little context so you can understand where my thought is coming from as well as some links to any articles I've written on the subject.


  • Thinking about where Christians place their time and energy.
  • What is the Church called to do.
  • In the world but not of it.
  • Culture.
  • 'Culture War'.
  • Leading or following.
  • Making culture vs fighting culture.
  • Religious freedom.
  • Christians and politics.

The Bite

If we are too busy fighting to protect the Bible and Christianity from the world, and miss doing what the Book says and living how Jesus lived, the enemy has already won.

Further Reading

Seconds: Because I can't not be wordy and over explain.

Christ has already won. Period. But, if Christians focus too much of our attention on comfort and favor in the world, the spreading of Good News of Christ's victory is diminished. Less people get to experience Christ's love and redemptive power because 'Christians' preferred their own safety and worldly freedom.