What. Would. Jesus. Do.
It is a phrase indicative of 90s Christianity and nowadays has become a cliché. However, this question is still one of the most important questions a Christian can ask themselves. With a goal of being like someone (Jesus), does it not make sense to ask what it is that that person (Jesus) would do in a given situation? Except, this question seems to be one that Christians got tired of hearing, or seeing on bracelets, and have now forgotten altogether.

I have chosen this topic to be my first post as I feel it is fundamental to the way I must approach all future topics. I should not write simply about what I would do, but first align what I do with what Jesus would do (or have me do) and share what I learn in the process.

Countless arguments and discussions would be simplified if Christians took a moment to figure out what Jesus would do instead of being concerned what they would do. I plan to look at various topics inside and outside of Christian culture to see where I feel the Church has swayed from doing what Jesus would do. My purpose in doing this is to help bring the Church back into, and continue in, God’s standard of Holiness, established in 1 Peter 1:13-25, that I feel American Christianity has strayed from. I also want my writings to be a source of encouragement to anyone who comes across them, and to strengthen readers (as well as myself) on their journey to be more like Christ each and every day.

Yes, there will be plenty of scenarios where what one person thinks Jesus would do and what another person thinks He would do will differ. That is where we turn to the Bible and take a look at the words and actions of Jesus. Using what he said and did as the foundation for answering the questions of what He would do now. Look at the history of what someone has done to infer what they will do.

The Church must rise above the cliché and take back W.W.J.D! Considering what Jesus would do is such a vital part of becoming like Him. We cannot let this phrase be relegated only to bracelets or “cute” wall hangings. No, the church must put it into action and with each and every decision we make throughout our day ask: what would Jesus do?