Welcome to Modern Monk! (formerly evanforry)

Welcome to Modern Monk! (formerly evanforry)

Hi! It's Evan, I just wanted to put out a quick update to let everyone know that I have (finally) finished rebranding my site!

Welcome to Modern Monk (.blog).

Now that I'm done with the rebrand, I plan to be posting a lot more.

Going forward, what I write about will have some subtle changes. Chiefly, I plan be more open with my new mystical world view. With my deconstructed, minimalist view of Christianity came a whole new way of experiencing Christ that I feel has been, for the most part, lost in American Christianity. Fundamental shifts in my faith have naturally created shifts in my entire worldview. Much of it won't be anything new. I've tried to present my worldview shift in some of my previous posts, but going forward, I want to be more direct with what I think and what I am learning.

This brings me to my next change. I am beginning to dive into mystical roots of the Christian faith, and plan to document my journey of developing spiritual practices. As of right now, I read scripture daily, but have deeply neglected prayer time. I plan to shift my life in ways that minimize the entertainments of this world, and maximize my time spent communing with God. I want to share my journey here as a way to encourage anyone seeking to follow the way of Christ in our modern world.

I still have a lot to learn and figure out in the area of spiritual practice, however. So, as I take time to develop and begin a routine of spiritual discipline, I will be releasing some posts from my archive. These posts have been mostly finished for a while now, but were too far afield of my previous work.

Be on the look out for articles about:

  • Samson
  • Genealogies
  • Fruit

God Bless!