What To Do With Something You Don't Want To Sell

What To Do With Something You Don't Want To Sell

I made something that I don't know how to sell.

Back before rebranding this blog, a friend brought my attention to the world of low content publishing.
It's a form of simple passive income that uses Amazon's print-on-demand service to print and sell books with little to no content in them, like notebooks, journals, planners, etc.
I am familiar with Amazon's printing service, so I thought it'd be a fun weekend project to try.
At the time, I was interested in pursuing some form of daily prayer practice and thought it'd be neat to design my own prayer journal.

So I did just that.
I whipped up a nice, simple template that could be user customizable, created two simple covers, and published a paperback and hardback version.
And that's it.
I haven't done anything else with the project since then.
It's just been sitting, listed on Amazon, with zero traffic.
Because, I haven't bothered to tell anyone about it.

When I had made the journal, I was preparing to move a lot of my writing and note-taking to a handwritten format.
I was planning to get (and now have) an eink tablet to digitally capture handwriting.
This made buying my own product unnecessary.
So I didn't.

But, I still played around with keeping a handwritten prayer journal and found two things:

  1. A cheap composition notebook works just as well.
  2. Prayer journaling is not for me.

After those discoveries, I haven't known what to do with the thing I made because I now find it totally useless.

I've been wanting to start some sort of series on prayer, but every time I think about writing something, whether to market my journal or not gets in the way.

So, I have decided to mention the existence of the journals here, and not shill them in the rest of the prayer series.

While, I've made something that isn't for me, and I'm not comfortable aggressively selling it, that doesn't mean there isn't someone who's looking for exactly what I've created. We are all different, and no two people have the same spiritual discipline.

Well, here they are.

(picture a book open and face down. The stripe for the spine wraps around to the front and back cover a bit.)

I wanted something simple. Most of the journals you find are doing way too much, in my opinion. They are either bright and flowery, or have a militaristic slant to them. I just wanted something neat and simple.

There are a total of four versions: white or black, and hardback or paperback.

In my opinion, the hardback is way overpriced, but I have to work with what Amazon gives me.

The insides are all the same, and look like this:

The goal was small blocks for quick prayers. The little circle in the top left can be used as a checklist if the journal is used to remind one to pray for something, or as a way of tracking answered prayers.

There are about 200 pages of the journal template. When doing some market research, it seemed most journals were about 100–150 pages. I wanted something that could last a little longer, so I made mine longer.

Pricing is currently around $9 for the paperback and $15 for the hardback.

If you're interested in getting one, here are the links:

Even though I'm uncomfortable selling something I won't personally use, I appreciate any and all support.

If, like me, you prefer digital writing, or would just like to try it out before buying, below is a link to download the PDF used to print the book. Feel free to use it as you wish!

God Bless.